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  • Using polls in Wiggio
  • Using polls in Wiggio
  • Using polls in Wiggio

How some groups are using polls

"It's like virtual hand-raising. I can ask my students questions, they answer the poll, and I get the response back in aggregate. Very, very cool and the students love it because it's so easy for them. I can see all the results and how each student feels in one place." Toby G "With so many moving parts, it used to be quite a task to get a simple answer from my staff. Now I send out a Wiggio poll - each week I ask who can cover which shifts, and I get the responses back as they answer. I'll usually throw in other questions as well - so much more efficient than sending out emails and getting 15 separate responses." George W "Getting an answer from 400+ volunteers seemed nearly impossible. Our secretary told me she was using Wiggio polls for a board she sits on. We started two months ago, and now we send out Wiggio polls to our whole base, and generally get responses within a day. Really a game-changer for us." Theresa M "We've been doing emails for years, but just recently I started sending out Wiggio surveys when I need answers. I get the members' responses back in a clean way, and don't have to go chasing people for answers. We use this to figure out meeting times, responsibilities, etc." Mike S "Every troop in GA is on Wiggio and using polls as a quick way to get a consensus of the scouts and parents. You just blast out a question, they click the link and answer, and you're good to go. It really allows everyone to have a part in setting the agenda and this is what building leadership skills is all about." Sandy M "Relay for Life is using Wiggio polls to survey all coordinators across the country. It's the easiest way for us to get answers from people who are so spread out, and in different time zones. We get a consensus quickly and the results are always available to archive, love it!" Heather M "'Can you make the movies on Sunday?' 'What time, 7, 7:30, or 9pm?' 'Which movie would you prefer to see?' I'll blast this out to my dorm, and get the answers back in a simple chart. It's so easy, and much more efficient than emailing them and trying to decipher individual responses." Steve C "I use polls to survey the parents of my players - find out who can carpool, who can bring snacks, who can substitute at various practices, etc. It's the easiest way to get answers and fast which I really appreciate." Ryan M