Wiggio is the easiest way to keep a shared calendar.

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Keep track of all your group events in one place.

  • Schedule events, meetings, due dates, and practices
  • View and print an agenda of upcoming events
  • Sync group calendar with your other calendars
  • Automated email and text message reminders
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  • Using a shared calendar on Wiggio
  • Using a shared calendar on Wiggio
  • Using a shared calendar on Wiggio

How some groups are using the shared calendar

"I now put all my tests, assignments and project deadlines on my classes Wiggio calendar. Student can access it whenever they want, and there's never an excuse anymore for not knowing when things are. I can also have Wiggio send students text message reminders before certain deadlines, which they love. Pretty easy - even my 7th graders get it!" Jamie S "With employees always on-the-road and working remotely, we needed a centralized calendar to keep track of all events and initiatives. Wiggio has served our needs perfectly. People can export the Wiggio calendar out to their other calendars, and the reminder system has helped with our meeting attendance. Definitely the easiest calendaring application I've ever tried, and I've used them for three previous companies." Steve S "This may be the best political organization tool ever created. I just add events and meetings to our team calendar, and all the relevant participants get notified, and receive a reminder the day of the event. We also keep Wiggio calendars for each sub-committee. We'd be lost without this central calendar." Edward G "The Acapellas keep a central calendar on Wiggio, and I allow the seniors to add practices and gigs to it, and all members get reminders an hour before all group events. Sooooo easy, it's a no-brainer for us." Daniel G "The Wiggio calendar has enabled us to post meeting and event schedules in an easy and accessible place. As I add new events I can force notifocation to everyone so I don't need to send emails or make phone calls. The calendar also syncs to my outlook calendar so it is seemless with the rest of my schedule. Solid tool when you want something easy that everyone will be able use." Connie S "I sit on 3 philanthropic boards in New York, and each has a Wiggio calendar. I can see all the meetings separately, or can combine them to see them all on one calendar. I set it up so that I get an email reminder the day before each event and deadline. I'll continue to bring Wiggio to any new organization I join." Michael H "Our neighborhood has a Wiggio calendar going. We put all town events, and cookouts and other happenings. This way everyone knows what's going on without having to blast out a million emails. We chose Wiggio because it's super easy for us non-technical folk." Ellie M "The Union Rugby team posts all our practices, games and parties on Wiggio. Everyone gets a text message each day telling them where to be and when to be there. When people join the or leave the team, they're in the loop - it's that easy." Jerry R