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  • Using Virtual Meetings in Wiggio
  • Using Virtual Meetings in Wiggio
  • Using Virtual Meetings in Wiggio

How some groups are using Virtual Meetings

"I tell all my section and lab leaders to use Virtual Meetings to host study and Q&A sessions before exams. They can talk with the students with video, and they share their screens to show them certain review materials. It's really simplified the test review process, and the students absolutely love it!" Edwin M "My company lives in Wiggio's Virtual Meeting rooms. Whenever we have a client pitch or meeting we just send them a link, and instantly they can see us on video and can see our screen. It's almost like being in a room with them. I love how there are no downloads - we just access the meeting from any computer. The simplest tool I've found - and free!" Iris M "We now promote the Wiggio Virtual Meeting tool to all our regional directors. We used to waste a ton of time with weekly in-person update meetings, and there were always people who couldn't make it. Now we just send everyone a link, and we communicate via video and screen sharing from our homes. My members couldn't be happier with this service." Arlene S "GGC Delaware hosts weekly Virtual Meetings. Members just click the link, come in and they can see everyone on video. Mostly the leaders talk about projects and plans, and the members can ask questions. This saves so much time over having face-to-face meetings. My members are raving about it." Seth L "This is so cool - we tried out Wiggio's Virtual Meetings last month, and my troops can't get enough of it. They can set up private video meeting rooms, and simply come on and communicate abut projects and upcoming events. It's definitely enhanced our camaraderie across troops with more frequent and personal communication." Jackie O "The JCC uses Wiggio meetings for all our video conferencing. It's by far the simplest tool we've ever used. I just create a meeting, send out the link, and instantly I have everyone on video and can share my screen. We do this at least once a week for update meetings, and starting to use it in our classrooms as well." Akiva F "I'm using Virtual Meetings with all my groups. Yesterday I did a video conference with my friends studying abroad. Tomorrow I have one with my grandparents and cousins. It's nice how I just send them the link, and they're in. No software or downloads or complexities. They really made this easy." Betty F "I host bi-weekly meetings with our coaches, and they love being able to be in the meeting from their homes. They just click the link and we're communicating by video, and they can see my screen. It's really made things pretty convenient, especially for those late meetings in the winter." Jonny M