Wiggio is the easiest way to create to-do lists.

Create a To-do List

Assign tasks, set due dates, and keep track of group progress.

  • Assign tasks to the whole group or individuals
  • Set due dates and assignees will receive reminders
  • Have a discussion within the to-do list conversation
  • Monitor who completed tasks and when
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How some groups are using To-do lists

"All my class project groups and labs now use Wiggio To-do lists. We each add our tasks, and everyone can see the scope of the project and what still has to be completed. Everyone can be held accountable for the tasks they're assigned - very easy!" Jennifer W "My 15-person real estate agency banks of Wiggio's to-do's. Each day I create a list of new property listings, and my reps can check them off once they book a showing. I also create lists of relevant tasks in the office, and I assign them to my employees. We rely on this to stay in-sync during the busy days." Jason B "Our organization secretary creates to-do lists for each major initiative and committee. She'll update the list weekly with all the new tasks and thing that have to get done, and often she'll assign tasks to individual employees and volunteers. These tasks will automatically sync with their calendars, making it totally hassle-free." Brian R "The GSA here at Syracuse has over 150 members. We have big events every quarter, and it's a real headache to coordinate who's supposed to do what. Last quarter someone showed me Wiggio to-do lists, and it has made things much easier. I've been putting all the open tasks on this list and people check them off once they're completed." Colleen K "Boy Scouts of America troops use Wiggio to-do's extensively for all our task and trip planning. Our troop leaders often create lists for different projects and trips, and each member (and parents) can see what they're supposed to bring and contribute. It allows the leaders to make sure everything's accounted for." Anna W "Dress For Success uses Wiggio to-lists to stay organized - it's been a game-changer for us. I'll create a list of the different shift options for the week, and voluteers can come in and check off the ones they want to claim. This is just one of the ways we're taking advantage of this awesome tool." Mohammed A "The CU Alumni Association uses to-do lists for all our project planning. We tried 10 tools before Wiggio, and they were all so complicated and dated. Wiggio allows us to simply add the things that have to get done, assign them to people, and track the progress as they're completed. As Emeril would say: BAM!" Linda K "We keep a to-do list for the parents of the players. Each week I divvy up responsibilities for car-pooling and snacks, and post them to our list. The parents see what they're expected to do that week. This has been so much simpler than calling everyone each week." Art C