Wiggio is the easiest way to blast group messages.

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Wiggio allows you to quickly send messages to all your group members.

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How some groups are using the messaging tools

"It's never been easier to get in touch with my students. I send mass emails, text messages, and have even started playing with mass voice messages for more personal updates. The students think it's cool - for me it's just smart!" Tom R "Communicating with 25 traveling consultants has always been a challenge, but recently I've come to rely on Wiggio messaging. I send out mass messages to their email or cell phone, and I am assured that they received it and are in-the-loop. We've started to use this with our client communications as well." Bill B "The Young Republicans use Wiggio to message all our leaders nationwide. All chapter presidents and VPs receive email communications from us with organization updates. We also use mass text messages with short, but more urgent news and alerts. Wiggio has significantly simplified the way we communicate." Ellis H "I feel like I'm constantly communicating with my club members, and used to waste hours looking up their email addresses for specific messages. Wiggio makes it easy to blast messages out to my whole club or a subset of the group. I sometimes send them text messages too. Very, very easy." Barb C "The parents of our girl scouts love being in-the-loop, so I'm regularly sending them email and text message updates about our events, trips and other planned activities. Wiggio is by far the easiest way for us all to communicate." Sissy M "MLK Action Group sends daily messages to our members, updating them on activities in their region. We also have the ability to send text messages to all members or select members before events or important meetings. Our communication is streamlined around Wiggio messaging and we can always search the feed when we need to reference a past communication." Angela J "We now have 47 people in my Friends in Boston group. I generally will send out a text message every Friday afternoon, proposing a time and place to meet that night. People will also send around mass emails with cool events, links and jokes. I look forward to getting these Wiggio messages." Ronnie D "As coach of my 15 year old daughter's softball team, Wiggio messages are the best way for me to get in touch with the players and the parents. Just yesterday I sent a mass text message to the team saying 'Practice will be in the gym due to rain, still at 5:30' - Everyone showed up to the right place. We bank on Wiggio to manage team communcations." Annette G