Wiggio is the easiest way to manage a group email list.

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  • Using To-do Lists in Wiggio
  • Using To-do Lists in Wiggio
  • Using To-do Lists in Wiggio

How some groups are using the to-do list

"My group sends dozens of messages back-and-forth everyday. It's so much more manageable now that people can text and email into our group address, and all the messages get collected in one place." Colleen K "Every group I create has it's own email address. The group members send emails or text messages to that address, and all the messages get distributed to the proper recipients, and archived within Wiggio. It's a great tool to communicate with departments or project teams and anyone who joins the group has access to all the discussions and content to date." Ralph C "My organization has a group email address - members can send emails (or text messages!) into that address, and the messages goes out to all relevant recipients. With 40 team members, this is mission critical for us." Jamie S "Some members choose to come into Wiggio - others just check their email to stay in touch with the groups' news. The bottom line, Wiggio helps us keep everyone in the loop." Mike R "We have a dedicated email address for our troop. The scouts and parents can email into this address, and the messages get archived in Wiggio and distributed to the relevant recipients. This has cut down on email clutter significantly. It just makes communication so streamlined." Christine S "Each committee within our organization has it's own Wiggio email address. Members send in messages to that address, and they go out to the group. This really couldn't be easier - every time we bring in someone new to a group, we just hand her the group email address and she's instantly in-the-loop." Lilly M "As secretary of Alpha Phi sorority at Cornell, there are a million things to coordinate. With Wiggio, we have email addresses set up for the whole sorority, and then each committee, like social planning and philanthropy committee. Members can email or text message into these addresses to address the members of those groups. This makes things so much easier for us." Julie W "The basketball team has its own email address through Wiggio. Players are told to email or text message into this address when they need to get ahold of the whole team. Players respond through their blackberries and iPhone, and everyone stays in touch throughout the day. It's amazing how such a simple tool keeps us so organized now." Bill B