Wiggio is the easiest way to share files within a group.

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Keep track of all your group documents, photos, and videos in one shared folder.

  • Create and edit files online
  • Upload files from your computer
  • Create folders to help manage files
  • Access your files anywhere you have internet access
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  • Using a shared calendar on Wiggio
  • Using a shared calendar on Wiggio
  • Using a shared calendar on Wiggio
  • Using a shared calendar on Wiggio

How some groups are using the shared folder

"Wiggio is our go-to place for class projects. All group members upload their deliverable into our Wiggio folder. We also often edit each others files right from within Wiggio, and it archives all previous version and keeps them separate. I can't believe this is a free tool!" Nick R "My marketing firm has thousands of files stored across our 20 Wiggio folders. Each folder has a different purpose, and different employees have access to each one. It's dead simple for people to add files to these folders, and this program has added tremendous value to our business." Debbie K "I don't know what we'd do without Wiggio. No one ever sends attachments back-and-forth anymore - they just upload files into Wiggio, and all the relevant parties have access. All of our documents, videos, and forms are stored there." Donna L "The Ithaca IFC houses all of our files in Wiggio folders. We also have a private folder just for the executive committee. Basically, if a file's not on Wiggio, it doesn't exist. The team loves being organized around this file sharing." Bruce R "Our troop has all of our forms, documents, pictures and videos stored in our Wiggio folder. The parents and scouts can access them anytime, from any computer. This has really changed the way troops communicate. It's so much easier than individual emails with attachments." Doug S "Families Forward has several Wiggio folders - one for each committee, and then one for our volunteer base. We upload all meaningful files onto Wiggio. For instance, last month we had a 200-person picnic in DC, and we uploaded all the photos into a Wiggio folder. The members could view them, download them and comment on them in Wiggio." Charity P "Sigma Phi uses Wiggio exclusively for our documents, photos and videos. Everything from important forms about housing to video of our latest parties go into Wiggio folders, and brothers can access them at any time." Alex R "We use Wiggio folder for a number of reasons, but the thing I like best is that I can put in an excel form, and all my players can come in and edit the form, adding relevant stats from the last game. I also put game videos up in the folder. All the baseball teams in our division are using Wiggio folders." Mike S